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Dream of those turquoise beaches, white sand, rocky cliffs, volcanoes, ukulele tunes…it can only be Hawaii

Our Hawaiian Theme combines jungle, beach, rockabilly, 70s, tikki and nautical themes all in one. Use our impressively large tribal tikki statues to add great effect, palm trees, hawaiian flowers, lees, bamboo bars and bamboo torches to transport you to the islands of Hawaii. Go to Maui, visit Oahu or trek through the jungle of big island Hawaii and discover this great theme!.

Life Size Hula Girl

5ft Fire Tiki Statue

Life Size Surfer Statue

Life Size Parrot

Skeleton Pirate

Jack Sparrow

Giant Deck Chair

Palm Trees

Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar Neon Sign

Huge Wall Backdrops – 20 x 10ft